Modern House Design Ideas with Furniture Consept

Some people do not find the idea of modern interior design interesting. They have a very wrong belief that effective white exteriors, simplicity and chrome are the only factors that the modern interior design comprises of. A knowledgeable and creative designer knows very well how to blend customary basics with the latest innovations and make the house look stunning and alluring. Furthermore, houses with modern design attract buyers and have high financial worth as compared to the ones with no modern interior.

Scandinavia and Germany introduced the trend of modern interior design in 1930’s and it is still the most desired because of its evident diverse features. Modern interior design takes account of highlighting stripes and outlines, blacks and whites, glared lighting and plenty of chrome aspects. The ending outcome is quite elegant and chic. Flawless lines are formed with velvety, refined surface. It is essential to conserve this feature all the way through the complete area.Just follow mention ideas to make your home modern house.


Nowadays, flooring is somehow ignored in modern interior designs. When designing a modern interior home, select the flooring that goes with the aesthetics you are aiming to build. Wood or tiles of light colors should be used with minimum rugs covering the floors. These rugs should be placed carefully so that the large areas can be subdivided and used for multiple purposes.

modern house designs in pakistan


Selection of furniture should be done in a wise manner. Take time in selecting the furniture’s style and fabric and the accessories you want to put up with the furniture if you want to make it stand out properly. This is very imperative because furniture is one of the factors that can absolutely set the mood for the entire house. Audacious but simple furniture should be selected. Items which are large should be of neutral colors splashes of different colors can be added with the help of cushions and accessories. Select fabrics that have geometric or animal prints rather than complex patterns.You can go for more ideas.


Choosing lighting for your home is not just for the purpose of seeing in the dark but rather a subject of visual aesthetics. Design your house in such a way that it has large windows present for letting natural light into the house. Inadequate light will generate an appearance that is menacing.Check out video


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2014

Thinking of some ideas for your master bedroom is fun but the problem occurs when you plan to implement your ideas. The foremost thing to consider when designing your master bedroom is how much space is available in the room. After having an idea of the space available you can think of different ideas for decoration according to the room space. Think creatively and remember the things that you want to put up in your master bedroom. Figure out all your dreams for decorating you master bedroom and then shortlist them before taking any action. The selection phase starts from here. Ideas that you think are impossible or extravagant should be tossed out.

master bedroom decorating ideas

Master Bedroom

Comfortable environment and practicality should be the first things to consider while narrowing down the

ideas. While designing this magnificent room keep the idea in mind that this place is not only for sleeping purposes but it is far more important than that. This is a place for you to chill out, it is a love shell, your camouflage, your personal area for enjoyment with your partner and making important decisions regarding your family and other important issues.

After deciding the activities for which you would use your master bedroom , start selecting the colors and

embellishments for decorating your room. Use soft earthy hues for a soothing environment and you can

build a tiny reading place and a coffee corner. You can also build a game or exercise place in your room

with vibrant shades.These are some good bedroom decorating ideas for everyone.

You should have sufficient space for your closet in your master bedroom. Paint and flooring are not the

only things to consider when thinking of designing your bedroom. Furniture is also one of the important

factors especially your bed. If you want to buy something new you will have to decide which type and

frame you desire and if you think of using the old stuff it would increase your budget.

Your master bedroom should not be congested. After finishing with the decorations and furniture it

should not look messy but it should appear to be spacious. You can add up innovative window and

lighting treatments or put up some plants in your room for a friendly outlook.For more Living room ideas check my blog.


Modern Small Living Room Ideas

There is always a room or place in a house which becomes center of attention for everybody, it is the heart and soul of the place known as living room.

Though it be a house or a working place, living rooms are always designed in such a way that people would like to spend most of their time at one stop spot of the house.

According to the taste buds of people in interior designing everybody likes to furnish their living rooms by the latest trends their minds possess.

It is really easy to furnish small living rooms if incorporated with various ideas.

Living rooms can look gracious if decorated all in same color without any contrast. An easy sofa or couch can be placed in white or cream color with textured cushions and wall hangings of the same cloth framed nicely.

Round the globe people look for new ideas so they could be known as trend setters. There are people who are nature lovers, they love to keep them selves surrounded by greenery and aquatic environment.

For such people, it is ideal to set their living rooms with contrast to green, brown and blue. Brown color gives the environment of forests and green sofas or rugs in the room portray to be the grass and they can put a center table in the living room and make its bottom, the stand of table in a form of aquarium and put in it their favorite fish and other sea stuff.

Small Living Room wtih rad & yallow color

Living room

Bright colors are said to be the way of healthy living and if a living room ideas is painted red and yellow gives a pleasant sight to the mind. it gives a soothing effect if accompanied by a lamp with dim yellow light and a television or or computer placed at the corner of the room as per the requirement.These small living room ideas will make your room cool.